• Project developed by Codensa S.A. ESP and its first stage was commissioned in 2007, with an available capacity of 450MVA. 


    AC & JM temporary junction, developed the second stage of standardization project, which was commissioned in late 2014, with expansion of power capacity to 900MVA, being the nationwide substation with the highest available power capacity in distribution to 115kV.


    For this project AC & JM developed Electrical, civil and mechanical designs for the following modules:


    - An Autotransformers Bank 450MVA 500 / 115kV

    - A Capacitive Compensation Bank 30MVAR - 115kV.

    - Switching of main Busbar B1 - 115kV

    - Extension and standardization of busbars 115kV (87B) differential protection, with the implementation of new modules and two (2) reserve line modules 115kV.

    -      Standardization of busbars Coupling module 115kV with implementation of interlocking with new modules and keeping two (2) two reserve line modules 115kV.

    -      Installation in box as distributed control, of control panels and protections rack type of modules: Autotransformers Bank side of 115kV 115kV, Capacitive compensation Bank and Switching of busbar B1 - 115kV. Numerical protection, digital measurement units, and bay controlling units were installed.

    -      The communication network was integrated with optic fiber and Implementation of Standard Communication Protocol IEC 61850.