• Standardization project: Electric, civil and mechanical designs, were performed for the following modules:
    Replacement of current transformers in five (5) 115kV line modules and one (1) transformer module 115 / 34.5kV.
    Replacement of busbar disconnectors, line and transfer within five (5) 115kV line modules, one (1) transformer module 115 / 34.5kV and one (1) Busbar coupling module 115kV.
    Replacement of circuit breakers in three (3) line modules and busbar coupler 115kV.
    Standarization in box as distributed control, of control panels and protections in five (5) line modules 115kV, one (1) transformer module side 115kV and busbar Coupling 115kV, numerical protections were installed, digital measurement units and bay control units.
    Standardization in box as distributed control of control panels and protections, in five (5) circuits of 34.5kV; numerical protections, digital measurement units and conventional control were installed.
    Design of differential protection of busbars 115kV (87B), with low impedance numerical relays.