FONTIBON SUBSTATION 115 / 34.5 / 11.4kV
  • Standardization project:


    Electric, civil and mechanical designs were performed, for the following modules:

    - Replacement of two (2) 30/40 MVA power transformers 115 / 11.4kV.

    - Replacing one (1) 30/40 MVA power transformer 115 / 34.5kV.

    - Replacement of current transformers and control standardization

    of power switches on line modules, Northwest and Balsillas115kV.

    -      Replacement of three rows of cells 11.4kV- installation of new cells SIEMESN type SIMOPRIME vacuum. Standard communication protocol IEC 61850.

    -      Installation of new control panels and protections in six (6) circuits 34.5kV. Installation of numerical protections, digital measuring units and conventional control.

    -      Standardization of control panels and protections modules 115kV, five (5) modules of power Transformers and (3) three modules lines 115kV. Installation of numerical protection, digital measuring units, and conventional control.

    -      Replacement of auxiliary service panels of AC and DC current.

    -      Design of 115kV busbars differential protection with low impedance numerical relays.

    -      Standardization of five (5) power transformers bays, Design of three (3)         

    Firewalls, oil collection pits, tank for receiving oil and structure design for downspouts of cables, with cable entry to input cells through Box culvert.