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AC ENERGY was established in October, 2006 with the aim of providing electrical civil and mechanical engineering services, for electric Transmission operation and Distribution field around the country, sector of industry, commerce and construction.

Our activities include everything related to Electrical Substations and Networks of High, Medium and Low Voltage. We carry out surveying work and conceptual, basic or detail designs for electric power systems, control, protection and measurement; Surveying and engineering for mechanical civil, architectural infrastructure, and associated to electrical systems.


    We are focused on continuous improvement, creation and innovation: We propone, create, innovate, improve, and perfect; this marks the difference before our competitors.

    Respect for people, community and environment: Regarding every actions, we respect people and colleagues, acting with safety and protecting environment.

    Teamwork: We encourage everyone to involve towards achieving a common goal, sharing information and knowledge.

    Loyalty, commitment and ownership: We have loyal people, responsible, with great sense of belonging, which are faithfully committed to their tasks, with their peers and with the purposes of the organization.

    Leadership: We assume a challenging vision, anticipating changing and taking creative measures aimed to address performance of the teams, in function of the Company’s objectives.

    Warmth: The affection and simplicity that exists within AC ENERGY family, beyond our customers, partners and suppliers, creating harmony and atmosphere of trust in everything we do.

    Integrity, Honesty: We do the right and we are transparent in our actions.

    Professionalism: We have the right people, performing their job with dedication, commitment, which through their personal and professional image holds the Company at a competitive level.


    AC ENERGY SAS As a company dedicated to provide high quality services in electrical, civil and mechanical engineering for Survey and Design of high and medium voltage substations; Survey and Design of networks for low and medium voltage and lighting, sets its objectives and agrees to comply with the requirements and continuous improvement of its integrated management system, which leads to satisfy its customers need through the efficient delivery of services.
    Promoting from management, with the participation of all employees and third parties involved, self-care, awareness, responsibility for their obligations in security, occupational health and environmental protection through the following commitments:

    •Implement safety and occupational health programs in order to prevent occupational diseases and injuries of workers, associated with ergonomic electrical, and other road safety hazards, related to the implementation of its activities.

    •Execute our activities with respect for the environment by implementing controls and the program of comprehensive waste management, allowing preventing pollution and mitigating environmental impacts generated in the operation.

    •Comply with enforceable legal requirements and other requirements subscribed by the company, related to its safety risks, occupational health and environmental impacts.

    •Allocate the necessary resources for the implementation and maintenance of its integrated management system.


    Welfare policy is assumed by the company as a strategy to improve life quality of workers in matters related to health, recreation and sports topics, which states:

    -The yearly practice of medical examinations for all employees in order to monitor their health.
    -Activities and annual trainings in Industrial Safety and Occupational Health performed by ARL and/or THE COMPANY.
    -Inspections of accidents prevention (IAP) for every in-field activity and maintenance inspections for the premises at the Workplace.
    -Inspections of order and cleanliness to the work posts of each employee.
    -Control and monitoring of tools and personal protection elements.
    -IEncouraging the use of daily active breaks at the workplace.

    -Organizational Climate
    -Stimuli and Incentives
    -Personal Development
    -Life Insurance

    -Cultural, recreational and sportive activities
    -Celebrations of Birthdays and special days


    AC ENERGY SAS As a company dedicated to provide high quality services in electrical, civil and mechanical engineering for Survey and Design for substations of high and medium voltage; Survey and network design for low and medium voltage and lighting, sets the following policy:
    The use of psychoactive substances and alcohol abuse impairs health, affects relationships among workers, causes absenteeism and decreases job performance, increases the occurrence of accidents and causes family and work disturbances, affecting our employees and society in general.

    The foundation upon which the operations of AC ENERGY SAS are developed is prevention, as the first step to ensure safety, welfare and health of employees, contractors, suppliers and visitors.

    AC ENERGY SAS establishes not to allow anyone, regardless of rank or position, to work or to visit the working areas under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances that may alter the state of consciousness, mood, perception and the ability to react. The possession and use of any type of hallucinogen drug or alcoholic beverages is PROHIBITED while the person is under the rules and available to the company and / or is located on site or in the work fronts. People who are detected under the influence of alcohol and / or hallucinogenic drugs will be removed from his/her duties and reported to the immediate superior manager.
    The company will ensure that the activities and its results complies the characteristics of integrity, confidentiality, equity and equality; likewise, it is the responsibility of the workers to actively participate in these programs.