Ac Design and Engineering

Ac Energy is certified in all three standards SGS 9001, 14001 and 18001 to perform the designs for substations and networks of high, medium and low voltage and lighting based on the best practices and on national and international standards.

  • - Electrical design, Basic Conceptual Engineering and Detail of Substations
    • General single-line diagram of the project • Principle Diagrams • Logic Diagrams • Design of ancillary services AC and DC • Design control protection and measurement • Plans Z • Trifilar Schemes • Buildings, Electrical Installations, Overall Layout and Details • Electromechanical Arrangement, Safety Clearances • Tables of Disconnection and Connection • List of Materials and Equipment • Table of chargeability for measurement transformers • Table of guaranteed technical characteristics • Technical specifications of equipment and Materials • Calculation Records • Work Amounts, Electrical Work Budget • Mounting and testing, Technical Specifications • Energizing Protocols • Protocols individual and functional testing of equipment and systems • Protocol of individual testing, Systems of telecommunications and teleprotection
  • - Civil Design of Substations
    • Soil Study • Geotechnical and Geological Studies • Suitability design of Land, Plant and Profile • Internal roads design • Civil basic design • Seism-resistant design • Technical specifications for civil works • Distribution of cabinets, computers and cells • Foundations Design of frames, Plant and details. • Foundations Design of Equipment, Plant and details. • Foundations Design of power transformers, Plant and details. • Transformer Foundation design of ancillary services, Plant and details. • Structures System Design of control room, yard, booths, sumps and ducts. • Design of hydro sanitary system, General layout and details • Design of frames structures, equipment support • Design of structures for equipment support • Enclosure Design • Drains Design • Design of internal roads and yard finishes, General layout and details • Design Access roads, General layout and details • Technical Specifications of Civil Works, • List of Civil Works amounts. • Budget • Work Schedule

Ac Electrical Studies

Ac Energy performs electrical studies in order to determine the behavior of the electrical system to connect new loads.

  • AC Systems Modeling
  • Load flow, study and assessment
  • Short circuit study, assessment and results analyzer - ANSI
  • Protective device coordination, Selectivity, Sequence of Operation
  • Analysis and Results Analyzer of electric arc EA danger
  • Design of mesh for grounding
  • Thermal analysis of underground cables
  • Study of Harmonic and Filter Design
  • Analysis of Transient Stability
  • Insulation Coordination
  • Shielding System
  • Load flow

Ac Electrical Installations

Ac Energy has the quality, experience and technical resources to perform electrical work in high, medium and low voltage
  • Electrical, civil and mechanical survey of networks and electrical substations in service for High, Medium and Low Voltage.
  • Power substations
  • Internal Installations
  • Data and voice networks
  • Projects of MT/BT Clinical Sector
  • Projects MT/BT Industrial Sector
  • Projects MT/BT Construction Sector